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Parachain Architectures

ETND parachain is an independent application chain that can freely form a supernode network and write personalized smart contracts. Parachains share the consensus of ETND's mainnet, and realize low-cost construction of a credible public chain system. Parachain architecture simultaneously realizes the efficiency, security and credibility of the blockchain network.

Privacy Protection

Through a variety of cryptography technologies such as proxy re-encryption, ETND supports the corresponding access control permissions for each role in the application ecosystem, ensuring that low-privileged roles cannot operate or access high-privileged data. At the same time, it supports data sharing privacy and data encryption on the chain.

Storage Sharding

ETND sharding nodes can link with other nodes in the public chain network at any time, and while synchronizing missing data with other nodes, they can also share their own stored data with other nodes to ensure the integrity and continuity of their data.

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What is ETND

ETND is a simple, stable, and highly expandable public chain network. The research and development of the ETND blockchain is based on the ETND lab bottom architecture and ETND is the world's first public chain project with a multi-chain (parachain) architecture that has been implemented. Multiple public chains can be developed on the ETND blockchain in parallel to expand performance and improve security.

  • Fast
  • Stable
  • Safe
  • General
Token Allocation

Distribution of Tokens

Reasonable allocation can better develop etnd. The allocation scheme is agreed by etnd Dao members.

  • 3% ETNDswap trades
  • 5% ETND laboratories
  • 7% ETND charitable donations
  • 10% ETND credit node reward
  • 20% ETND ecological construction
  • 25% institutional hedging
  • 30% of major centralized transactions
how it started

Our Roadmap

ETND was established

ETND public chain project business feasibility analysis project research, carry out the design of economic model and function construction. And issued compliance legal documents through well-known law firms.

Issued by ETN

The ETND public chain completed the project system development version 1.0, and connected to the API and other interfaces of the external cooperation ecosystem.

ETN turns on DIFI

ETND public chain project node recruitment, open angel round financing, realize token public sale, and launch the ecological sector.

ETND public chain is online

The ETND public chain project token is listed on the industry-leading first-line centralized exchanges, and in-depth cooperation with exchanges will carry out various forms of promotion and marketing activities.

ETND multi-chain wallet is online

Start the global million users plan, assist each node to carry out community DAO governance, and support nodes to actively expand the global market, and accelerate the construction of global consensus and community of ETND public chain.

ETND Ecological development

Launch the ETND public chain NFT trading market, open the NFT business sector, and form a multi-ecological construction.